The Boathouse Hull

The Boathouse specialise in the good kind of gluttony: making indulgent burgers & pizza's that leave your fingers messy and your belly full. The Boathouse was born from a love of great burgers, Neapolitan Pizza & Craft Beers! With our gourmet burger toppings and quirky combinations, our burgers are anything but basic. We’re not satisfied with serving up plain patties. Served juicy and pink we’re committed to consistency but we don’t get too caught up with cutlery and table manners. This is good old fashioned, roll-up-your-sleevs-and-get-it-all-over-you-face-food. We also take pride in delivering the best Neapolitan Pizza in Hull, thin & crispy is the order of the day with us, stonebaked with the best imported Italian toppings, again, slice it up & get it in your hands!

The Boathouse Hull
The Boathouse Hull
185 Newland Avenue
Newland Ave
East Riding of Yorkshire

TEL : 01482 341909

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Food Service Times
Sunday Midday To 8:30 PM
Monday Midday To 8:30 PM
Tuesday Midday To 8:30 PM
Wednesday Midday To 8:30 PM
Thursday Midday To 8:30 PM
Friday Midday To 8:30 PM
Saturday Midday To 8:30 PM